To ensure you live in our catchment area of zoning. Please check this map before contacting the school.


Enrolling at Burnside Primary School


All schools in the eastern suburbs are under constant enrolment pressure. We currently have over 800 students attending for 2017, with all possible classroom areas occupied. Due to a DECD assessment on the 6th September, 2016 regarding our numbers being capped we now have a Capacity Management Plan in place.


Please note the following important information:


2018 Enrolments are open from 30th January 2017 until Friday 29th September, 2017 when they will close at 5pm. Enrolments after this date will be dated and added to our 2018 Enrolment Register.


2017 - 2018 Register for a Vacancy

We have now reached capacity for 2017 in most year levels. If a family has provided us with adequate proof of residency (see below) and completed an enrolment form we will add your child/ren's name to our register. If a place becomes available we will contact you. 2018 Enrolments - see above



We accept enrolments for preschool children who are 4 years of age and will be turning 5 prior to 1st May, 2018. All reception enrolments for 2018 will not be confirmed until early term 4, 2017. Enrolments for 2019 will not open until 29th January, 2018.



  • We DO NOT accept enrolments from outside our school zone.
  • We do not issue enrolment forms to families until the information provided is adequate (outlined below).
  • All enrolments are stamped with a received date.
  • If the number of enrolments on our register exceed the number outlined in our Capacity Management Plan and parents have provided adequate proof of residency for living in our zone. It is our responsibility to find the next closest government school who can accept these enrolments.




All information listed below must correlate with the parents of the child. We will not accept proof of residency whereby the residence is in another person’s name ie: parent or grandparent.


Owner - must reside at the property

A current Burnside City Council Rates Notice or Property Purchase Agreement

A recent gas or electricity bill for that property

A current drivers licence showing the same name/address details as the property.


Rental Property - must reside at the property

A Rental Contract which must extend 12 months beyond the date of your child commencing school and must be registered with the Consumer and Business Services Tenancies Board.

A Bond Receipt registered with the Consumer and Business Services Tenancies Board

A recent gas or electricity bill for that property

A current drivers licence/s showing the same name/address details.


Child's Birth Certificate or Passport

In addition we require a copy of your child's birth certificate or passport to verify proof of age.


Subsequent Siblings

Families who no longer live within the parameters of the BPS catchment zone who wish to enrol any subsequent children (sibling/s of a child/ren currently attending BPS) will not be guaranteed a place once you have moved out of our zone. Your child who currently attends will not forfeit their place.


Visa Papers

If you have emigrated to Australia, please provide us with your Visa papers and Visa Number.


If your child has limited oral and written English; we expect that they attend an Intensive English Language school to develop their English proficiency. The zoned IELC school for Burnside Primary School is Gillies Street Primary School. You may contact Gillies Street Primary School for more information by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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