Admission Policy


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Admission to Burnside Primary School is dependent upon a family residing in the school zone (see zone map) at the time of their child commencing school. Siblings of children currently attending BPS have automatic acceptance. A school zone currently exists for all year levels. For more information please contact the school.

Children must be 5 years of age before the commencement of the school term. However the Principal may consider a child whose birth date falls in the first week of the term. These children will begin their schooling on Friday of that week.

In circumstances where early admission is requested under the gifted and talented category, supporting documentation from psychologist, pre-school director and parent must be provided to show the child is eligible for early entry.

Time spent in Junior Primary:
As stated in the Department of Education and Children's Services (D.E.C.S.) policy, children will spend between 11 and 14 terms in Junior Primary.

  • In exceptional circumstances the number of terms a child spends in Junior Primary may vary. This will only happen after consultation with parents, teachers and the Principal and will be based on the intellectual, social, emotional and behavioural needs of the child.

Preschool to School Transition Statement of Practice
The staff at Burnside Primary School believe that a well planned transition between preschool and school is invaluable, providing all new students with the opportunity to feel secure and confident as they start their schooling.



  • Coordinates transition program, delegating components to individual staff members as needed.
  • Organises Parent Information session(s) during transition visits.
  • Provides feeder preschools with relevant, up-to-date information about the school and transition program each year.

Preschool Director

  • Ensures families at their centre are informed about transition program
  • Informs school about special needs of individual children

Reception Teachers

  • Organise transition program that provides optimum familiarisation with the classroom at the school.
  • Visit feeder preschools at least once during the year (one reception class per local feeder preschool).
  • Provide information to new parents about class routines and programs

Other R - 2 Staff

  • Provide support as necessary, particularly when it is necessary to split classes to allow transition visits to happen.


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