Students at Burnside are provided with the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of special events which include:

Swimming Carnival
A highlight of Term 1 is the School Swimming Carnival which is held at the Burnside Swimming Centre. Students compete for their teams in swimming and novelty events. This provides an opportunity for the appointment of team captains and the development of war cries and health hustles. A championship cup is awarded to the team that performs best.

Cross Country
The annual School Cross Country is held during Term 2. This compliments the school's daily fitness programme. All students complete the course which is located in the picturesque Hazelwood Park. Students are again competing for their house team. The most successful competitors are later invited to compete in the State Cross Country Championships.

Sports Day
Sports Day is held in Term 3. All students compete in athletic and novelty events. The day concludes with the running of house relays and championship sprints. Team war cries and health hustles are an integral part of the day. Best performed students are chosen to represent Burnside at the District Athletics Day.

School Musical
The school musical is a great opportunity for budding actors and actresses to showcase their talents. Several hundred students sing, dance and act in this musical extravaganza. The school band provides the musical accompaniment. The Norwood Town Hall provides an ideal venue for a professional performance

School Choir & Band
The School Choir (trained by Mark Ashby, the school's music teacher) perform in the Statewide Music Festival. The School band (also trained by Mark Ashby) provides an opportunity for many students to further develop their musical expertise. The school band is a regular performer at school functions and assemblies.

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