After School Sport


Burnside Primary School offers a large and diverse range of After School Sports which are available to your child throughout their schooling experience. 


Sports Offered


Summer Sports (Term 1 & 4)  Cricket (Yr 2-7)          Softball (Yr 3-7)              

Winter Sports (Term 2 & 3)   Football (Yr 2-7)       Soccer (Yr 2-7)       Hockey (Yr 2-7)

Year Round Sports (Terms 4 & 1, summer + terms 2 & 3, winter)  Netball (Yr 2-7)      Basketball (Yr 2-7) 

Reception to Yr 1 students can participate in programs such as Auskick, Tiger Tennis, Kids Yoga, NetSetGo, Neil Young Soccer and Taught & Bowled In2Cricket and netball.

Our school encourages students to become physically active and participate in the After School Sports Program. Students are able to develop relationships with classmates and other peers as well as skills and attributes such as team work, self confidence and leadership.


Registering your child for an After School Sport team

* See the links above for information about individual sports

* Read the informative Sports Update emails sent home to all families via Parent Paperwork with information on how and when to register your child for sports teams.

* Go to the 'After School Sports - Registration Page' under the Sports tab on this school website. After School Sport - Registration Page This provides information as outlined in emails sent home regarding registering your child for inclusion in a sports team. It also provides access to the Try Booking link where online registrations and payments can be made. Talk to your child about what sports they would like to take part in and then complete all sections of the online Try Booking registration by the due date provided. Payments are compulsory and are part of the registration process. We only accept Try Booking registrations for sports teams.

* Be aware of registration due dates as advertised on this website and in information emails. Late registrations incur a late fee and a position in a team is not always possible depending on team numbers.


What time commitment for After School Sports

Once a child has registered for a team they are expected to be committed to that team for the entire season (excepting for unavoidable extenuating circumstances).

All sports teams traditionally have one training session per week. Matches are held on weeknights for Basketball, Summer Netball and Hockey/Minkey. Matches are held on Saturday mornings for Cricket, Softball, Winter Netball, Football and Soccer.

Training times are dependent on coach availability and team programs with training times and match information will be distributed at the beginning of the season. Any changes to times throughout the season will be communicated to you through team managers and the Sports Administrator.



Sports Delegates are assigned to every After School Sport at Burnside Primary School. It is the Delegates responsibility to ensure the following takes place:

· Successful formation of teams within the particular Sport

· Reports to the Sport Sub Committee at every meeting.

· Liaises with the school Sports Administrator.

· Attends meetings for that particular sport.

· Is informed of and resolves any issues relating to that particular sport.

The Sports Delegate has a large responsibility to ensure that sport is running smoothly and all issues are dealt with and resolved at the earliest possible convenience.

2017 Sport Delegates

Basketball - Michelle Bament

Cricket - Tony DiMatteo

Softball - Keren Faulkner

Netball - Ingrid Oakes

Football - Ben Atkins

Soccer - Jennifer Reid

Hockey / Minkey - Kirsty Goldsworthy

2018 Sports Delegates to be confirmed.


Parent involvement

After School Sport relies on volunteer parents who choose to coach or manage the team their child is playing in. As part of the Sports Registration process there is a section which asks the parents/caregivers if they would be interested in coaching or managing the team. Simply click yes to register your availability for one of these positions.

After school sport teams MUST have a coach and manager in place to be able to take part in competitions. For this reason if coaches can not be sourced from within our parent body, paid coaches will be advertised for. Parents of the team members will incur this additional cost and will be invoiced at the conclusion of the season if a suitable coach is found. We are not always successful in sourcing paid coaches and in this case the particular team cannot be enterred into the competition for that season.

Please consider taking on a coaching or managing role for your child's sporting team as it's a great way to make positive connections with the kids and ensures that their team can participate in the competiton.


Recognition of Sport Participation at Burnside Primary School 

Burnside Primary School acknowledges participants in our After School Sports program at the conclusion of each season in a school assembly. Sports Delegates or coaches speak about the season past for their particular sport and all team members stand so that their efforts are recognised by the wider student and staff community.  

Individual teams have end of season celebrations where team members are presented with a congratulatory participation certificate. At these celebrations players are also given the opportunity to thank their coaches, managers and parents for their efforts over the season.


Participation Plaques

Participation Plaques are available to purchase as a personal record of activities your child has taken part in during their time at Burnside Primary School.  

Participation Plaques are comprised of a wooden plaque with a name plate and dated activity plates that can be stuck on each year. The wooden plaques and plates are available for purchase through Try Booking late in term 4 for a limited time each year. The Try Booking link will be made available here when it is open each year. 


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