Please ensure Sports Registrations are completed by Monday 7th August (Week 3, Term 3)

The Sports Registrations will close at 10:00pm on this date.





School Values: Quality Teaching and Learning, Respect and Cooperation.


Message from Sports Administrator

I encourage all of you to read the following information carefully and be aware of the Sports Registrations cut-off date to avoid any disappointment. Late registrations will only be accepted under special circumstances to be approved by the Sports Sub Committee. This will also incur a $50 late registration fee.

I hope everybody has had a fantastic year of sport to date. I am sure we are all looking forward to the warmer weather and the return of Summer Sports.    

Our Sports Sub Committee is very pleased to once again be offering Basketball to Year 7 students for the upcoming Summer Season for half a season only (Term 4).


Sports Hotline

The Sports Administrator can be contacted on the Sports Hotline Number 0439 840 776 for any issues related to school sports-e.g. training/games/venues, registration dates, cancellations etc. The Sports Administrator is available every school day between 1:00pm and 4:00pm if you need to see them regarding any school sport issues. Front Office staff will direct you to where their office is or where they can be found.


Summer Sports Registrations

We currently have teams up and running in Cricket and Softball that are continuing from Term 1, 2017. Those teams will continue as they are. (Players in those teams do not need to register online as we have their details already and will receive a separate team letter). Basketball and Netball teams will be re-forming as the summer season for these sports finished at the end of Term 1.

Please ensure Sports Registrations are completed no later than 10:00pm on Monday 7th August (Week 3, Term 3). This is due to the associations requiring all team nominations by a set deadline.

 It will be essential that families are organised and take responsibility for the completion of registration forms.

Every endeavour will be made to include all students who complete registrations in teams, however, this may not be possible in all circumstances.

Team sports require commitment so please ensure your child is prepared to attend games and training for the entire season.

The season will take place throughout Term 4 2017 and Term 1 2018 and will be treated as a single season. It is important that you are aware of this.

Children will only be able to register and be added to teams in Term 1 2018 under special circumstances to be approved by the Sports Sub Committee.

Each team requires a coach and manager before it will be nominated. Please consider taking on this extra responsibility. Children of coaches are not charged a registration fee.


Payment of Sports Registration Fees

Unless alternative arrangements have been made individually, it is expected that all sports registrations are made online and registration cannot be completed without payment. The fee structure at Burnside PS over the past 8 years has been set to ensure the long term sustainability of the After School Sports program. After School Sports has always been based on a ‘User Pay System’ and a percentage of these fees contribute to the funding of the role of the Sports Administrator. This position is highly valued within the school and wider school community as we strive to provide the highest quality sporting program at Burnside PS.


School Sports Policy

The school has created a Sports Policy which is provided to all Coaches and Team Managers at the commencement of each season. This policy outlines the opportunities, responsibilities and commitment required by players, parents, organisers and spectators and we urge you and your children to read and discuss this information together. The 2017 policy is available on the Sports Website.  

Throughout 2016 the Sports Sub Committee reviewed and reformatted this policy. Notable amendments have been outlined on the policies and procedures page. Please ensure you are aware of these amendments.




When the forecast temperature for a day is 35 degrees or over on the front page of that day's Advertiser, afternoon training scheduled for outdoors will be cancelled for all sports.

Before school training occurs regardless of the forecast, due to the milder temperatures at that time of the day.

All trainings in the Gymnasium also occur regardless of the forecast due to the Air Conditioned facility.

A red sign stating “After School Sport Training Cancelled” will be placed on the Sports Noticeboard on days when this Hot Weather Policy is applicable.


Midweek Basketball

The Basketball Association website can be checked from 8:00am on the day of the competition to check the status of that days game. If the forecast temperature is 36 degrees or over according to their website all Basketball matches on that day will be cancelled.

Please contact the centre after 2pm on 8272 2121 if you have any queries relating to this policy.


Friday night Netball

If the forecasted temperature in “The Advertiser” on the morning of the matches is 35 degrees or above ALL Netta & Primary matches are cancelled. If the match is cancelled, one point is awarded to each team and 10 goals added to both the goals for and against. Both teams should lodge a score card for player qualification. Sub-Junior & Junior: If the forecasted temperature is 35 degrees or above in “The Advertiser” on the morning of the matches, all games will still be played however quarters will be reduced by 2 minutes.  

Saturday Softball 

8.30am softball games are to be held irrespective of the forecast. 9.45am games are automatically cancelled if the forecast temperature is 38 degrees or over. 


Friday afternoon & Saturday morning Cricket 

Friday afternoon and Saturday morning cricket games will be cancelled if the forecast temperature is 38 degrees or over. Teams need to contact opposition to confirm as this is a Burnside Primary School policy, not a blanket SACA policy. 


The National Junior Sports Policy states that...

"Sport is a legitimate and significant activity within the school curriculum and should be conducted within the context of sound educational practices as part of the total curriculum."

Some of our Sports Associations have age requirements which contradict that of the National Junior Sports Policy. The school and the Sports Sub Committee will determine in the best interests of our students and school community the minimum age for participation in After School Sports. This will however, always remain within the scope of the National Junior Sports Policy and the guidelines that are set by associations. 



Season & Duration

Age/Yr Level of Players


Term 4 & Term 1 (Summer)

Year 2-6


Term 4         (Summer)

Year 7


Term 4 & Term 1 (Summer)

Year 2-6 - Must be 8 Years Old -Except 7 year olds may start in Summer competition, provided they turn 8 by the 31st December in the following year.













What does my child need for training and games?

Parents and Caregivers must ensure that students have a school hat, drink bottle and sunscreen for training and matches when playing summer sports. Students at Burnside PS are expected to be Sun Smart.


What are the uniform requirements for each sport?

Below is a list of all the uniform requirements for Netball and Basketball.

Netball - Sneakers, White Socks above the ankles, Pleated Black Skirt, only black under briefs. – Black Burnside Uniform Top (Current design) to be worn for all games

Please be aware of the following guidelines set by the Eastern Districts Netball Association:

  • All players must be in the same registered uniform.
  • Black Burnside Uniform Top (Current design) to be worn for all games
  • No Jewellery (including taped studs) are permitted.
  • Nails must be trimmed appropriately and checked by umpires before each game.
  • One or all players are permitted to wear tracksuit tops and/or bottoms for all or part of any game. Players must still wear a skirt even if track pants are worn.
  • Socks that are visible must be worn at all times.
  • Leg coverings - full length leggings, track pants or tights in the registered colour may be worn. (No compression wear).

Basketball - Black shorts without pockets, sneakers and mouth guard optional. Tops provided by the school.




Basketball – Term 4 2017 & Term 1 2018 (YEAR 2-6 ONLY)

Boys and Girls Yr 2-6

Aim: Participate in a team sport / learn basketball skills

Venue/Time: Unley Sports (Unley High School)

Playing Times: Yr 2/3 – Tuesday 4 -6 pm

Yr 6 – Wednesday 4 - 6pm

Yr 4/5 – Thursday 4 - 6pm

Practice: TBA (organised with coach)

Cost:$170 includes weekly centre match fee and $30 uniform deposit


Basketball – Term 4 2017 (YEAR 7 ONLY)

Boys and Girls Yr 7

Aim: Participate in a team sport / learn basketball skills 

Venue/Time: Unley Sports (Unley High School) 

Playing Times:  Yr 7 – Wednesday 4 - 6pm

The team will be withdrawn from the competition at the conclusion of Term 4 2017 and will not continue into 2018.

 Practice: TBA (organised with coach) 

Cost: $100 includes weekly centre match fee and $30 uniform deposit


Netball – Term 4 2017 & Term 1 2018

Boys and Girls Yr 2-6

Aim: Participate in a team sport / learn netball skills

Venue/Time: Matches will be played at any one of the following venues:

Lothian Ave, Windsor Gardens

Emery Rd, Campbelltown 

Phillis St, Maylands

Playing Times: Friday nights 

Practice: TBA (organised with coach)





REMEMBER: Late registrations for students placed into a team will now incur a late fee of $50. The $50 late fee will cover additional administration costs. It is not always possible to place a player into a team after the registration deadline so please register by the due date!

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