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Please read the notable Sports Policy amendments below:

Role of Coaches

  • The Coach is responsible for the safety of players during all practices and games/matches. By law, he/she is responsible to take 'all reasonable care'. This ONLY applies to players in attendance for the duration of training sessions and games. Outside of these scheduled times duty of care lies with the child/rens Parent/Care Provider (see Role of Parents/Care Provider 1.6.5). No child is allowed to leave any sporting venue unless accompanied by their parent/care provider unless prior arrangements have been made. After practices and matches Coaches, Managers or supervising parents are to remain with waiting players until collected by a Parent or Care Provider. In the event that a child is not collected by their Parent or Care Provider in a reasonable time and all reasonable efforts have been made to contact parents/care providers then:

If on school premises the child is to be escorted to the Front Office (until 4:30pm)


If not on school premises the Deputy Principal is to be contacted.

After 4:30pm on school premises the Deputy Principal is to be contacted.

  • Parents/Care Providers must be aware that the Duty of Care does not lie with the Coach for a player who does not attend a training session or game. However, the coach will make an attempt to contact Parents/Care Providers in relation to training/game attendance via sending a push notification.
  • If a player does not attend a training session or game without prior notification, coaches MUST attempt to/contact parents to advise/enquire reasons for absence at commencement of training session or game.

Role of Parents / Care Providers

  • It is a requirement by all parents/care providers to include correct medical information for players participating in any team as part of the online sports registration process.
  • Fulfill your assigned responsibilities as assigned by the coach/team manager.
  • Parents / Care Providers on registration of their child/ren in a school sporting team accept responsibility for advising the coach/team manager if a child is not attending a training session or game.
  • Parents/Care Providers are responsible and maintain complete Duty of Care for their child/ren until training/game commencement time. Therefore it is essential that all Parents/Care Providers manage their child/rens transition and transport to and from these scheduled times.
  • Parents / Care Providers must respond to all communication requests received from the coach/manager in regards to changes with training due to weather.

Weather Policies

Hot Weather Policy -

  • In the event of hot weather (forecast for the day 35 degrees as reported on bom.gov.au at 8am on the day of training)
  • Afternoon training outside shall be cancelled for the day. In the event that afternoon training is cancelled a red sign stating “After School Sports training Cancelled” will be placed on the Sports Notice board, as well as a notification on School Stream.
  • Before school training will still go ahead.
  • All training in the Gymnasium will occur regardless of the forecast due to this being an Air Conditioned facility.

Wet Weather Policy

  • If the weather prior to/during training times is excessively wet, teams shall move to the library or alternate sheltered areas where the coach will supervise them until they are collected. Refer to Duty of Care
  • If training is cancelled prior to training time, the coach must communicate with all parents / care providers of the team and MUST hear back from all parents / care providers that their child has been notified and other arrangements made. If the coach does not hear back from all parents / care providers, then the coach must turn up to training to ensure their duty of care. Refer to Duty of Care

Lightning Policy

  • Burnside Primary School abides by the 30/30 Lightning Safety Guideline.
  • Stop play if the time between seeing a lightning flash and hearing thunder is less than 30 seconds. Immediately seek safety under or within an appropriate shelter (a building if available).
  • Do NOT shelter under trees, particularly an isolated tree. Do NOT stand close to any metallic structures inc. goal posts.
  • If on an open field away from any shelters, keep as low and as small as possible. I.e. crouch keeping feet together and do not touch any objects or people near you.
  • Do not resume play until at least 30 minutes has passed since the last thunder was heard.

Uniforms and Equipment

  • $30 deposits are to be taken as part of each sports registration / SAPSASA fee. The deposit will be refunded at the latest 5 weeks after completion of the sport. (This only applies to sports which require the loan of a uniform top or sporting equipment).


  • Refunds will only be provided prior to that association’s closing date for registrations. Refunds will be granted after the cut-off date in exceptional circumstances only and these are to be determined by the Sports Sub-Committee.
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