SAPSASA - South Australian Primary Schools Amateur Sports Association - Established 1912

Burnside SAPSASA Coordinators – Derek Ince & Jaime Will (PE Teachers)


Calendar of events 2018



(KEY:Green = Interstate      Red/Bold = Intrastate District Entry     Blue = District Carnival      Red = Intrastate School Entry      Black = School SAPSASA. 


For other details visit the website: contact SAPSASA, the District Convenor Alice Lange, Derek Ince.



Refer to the attached calendar of events attached above or please read on:


Fri 9 & Mon 12 Feb - 
Softball Trials – Girls - Year 5-7 - Thurs 16 & Fri 17 - 3:20 – 4:20, school top playing field 

Fri 9 Feb - Swimming Trials – Boys & Girls - Year 4-7, 7:15 – 9:00 am, Burnside Pool. Hazelwood Park 

Thurs 8 Mar - Adelaide South East (ASE) District Swimming Carnival, 9 - 1:30 pm

Thurs 22 Mar - Swimming Metro Ch’ship

Fri 23 Mar - Swimming Country/Diving/Para 

Mon 9 – Fri 13 Apr - Softball State Carnival

Trials for Cricket (boys Yr 6/7), Tennis (boys & girls Yrs 5-7), Netball (Yr 6/7 girls), Australian Rules Football (boys Yr 6/7 / girls Yr 5-7), Soccer (boys Yr 6/7/ girls Yr 5-7) and Athletics (Track boys / girls Yr 4-7) will occur this term, with the exception of boys footy that may be early Term 2.  As soon as trial dates are arranged a parent paperwork note will go out to the relevant age groups and this site will be updated.   


Fri 18 May – ASE District Cross Country Carnival, Pembroke School.

Mon 28 May – Fri 1 June - Football / Netball State Carnival

Thurs 7 June - Cross Country State Championships, Oakbank

Mon 25 June – Fri 29 June - Football (Soccer) / Hockey State Carnival

Trials for Cross Country (boys & girls Yrs 4-7), Hockey (boys / girls Yr 5-7) and Basketball (boys / girls Yr 5-7) will occur this term.  As soon as trial dates are arranged a parent paperwork note will go out to the relevant age groups and this site will be updated.   


Thurs 25 & Fri 26 July - Basketball Championships

Mon 30 – Fri 3 Aug – School Sport Australia (SSA) National Swimming Titles, Hobart  

Mon 13 Aug –Fri 17 Aug - SSA Australian Football, Canberra / Basketball, Darwin / Rugby, Adelaide & Hockey, Newcastle

Mon 20 Aug – Fri 24 Aug - SSA Cross Country, Sunshine Coast 

Mon 27 Aug  - Fri 31 Aug - Metro & Country Championship Golf

Mon 10 Sept - ASE District Athletics

Mon 17 – Fri 21 Sep –SSA Netball. Darwin / Football (soccer), Glenwood NSW

Thurs 20 Sep - Basketball Finals Day

Mon 24 Sep - Athletics Country/Para Ch’ship

Tues 25 Sep - Athletics Metro Ch’ship

KO Finals: Football & Hockey – Wed 26 & KO Finals, Netball & Soccer – Thurs 27 Sep


Mon 22 Oct – Fri 26 Oct - SSA Tennis, Adelaide 

Mon 12 – Fri 16 Nov – SSA Softball, Canberra / Golf, Victoria

Mon 19 – Fri 23 Nov - Cricket State Carnival / Tennis State Carnival

Fri 23 – Tues 27 Nov – SSA Track & Field, Melbourne

Tues 27 Nov - KO Finals: Tennis & Softball

Wed 28 Nov - Cricket

Wed 12 – Thurs 20 Dec - SSA Cricket, Bunbury, WA 

SAPSASA State Selection

SAPSASA District Selection


Softball - 

Swimming – 


Cross Country 

Hockey – 

Football (Soccer) 

Australian Rules Football 

Netball – 

Athletics –

SAPSASA School Knockout Results

        Cricket - Yr 6/7 Boys (No ? Schools entered) - 25 over games.  Round 1 V

        Coach -

Netball - Yr 6/7 Girls (No ? Schools entered) - Round 1

Coach - Jaime Will (PE Teacher).

Australian Rules Football - Yr 6/7 Boys (No ? Schools entered) Round 1 V

Coach –

Football (Soccer) - Yr 5-7 Girls (No ? Schools entered) Round 1 –

Coach - Derek Ince (PE Teacher).

Football (Soccer) - Yr 6/7 Boys (No ? Schools entered) Round 1 –

Derek Ince (PE Teacher) & Nigel March (Parent).

Softball - Yr 5-7 Girls (No ? Schools entered) Round 1 V

Coach - Keren Faulkner (Parent).

Tennis - Yr 5-7 Tennis (No ? boys & 21 girls schools entered) Round 1 V

Coach -

SAPSASA Carnivals (Burnside enters a school team for each of these events)

The 16 schools in our district (Adelaide South East) in alphabetical order are:

1. Annesley, 2. Black Forest, 3. Burnside, 4. Glen Osmond, 5. Goodwood, 6. Highgate, 7. Linden Park, 8. Parkside, 9. Seymour, 10. St John’s Lutheran – Highgate (Yr 4-6) / Concordia (Yr 7), 11. St Raphael’s Parish – Parkside, 12. St Spyridon, 13. St Thomas – Goodwood, 14. Sunrise Christian – Fullarton, 15. Unley PS and 16. Walford.

Swimming – The school swimming squad competed in March at Norwood Swimming Pool against the other schools in our district and …….  The squad consisted of: 

Cross Country – The following students represented Burnside at the district Cross Country carnival on Friday 18th May at Pembroke School:

Basketball -

The Yr 6/7 Girls squad is:

Coach - Jaime Will (PE Teacher)

The Yr 6/7 Boys squad is:

Coach –

Both teams will compete at ??? on ????  If either of these teams win their group, they will compete at Finals Day on Thursday 21 October.

Athletics - 

The following students participated at the recent SAPSASA state athletics carnival at Santos Stadium, representing our district, Adelaide South East.  Below are their results:


 SAPSASA Information 

 At a School level, students have the opportunity to represent Burnside in SAPSASA Knockout and Carnival competitions.

 They can also represent SAPSASA at a District and a State level.


 Knockout competitions 

 In Knockout competitions if a team wins they progress to the next round of the competition on another day, if they lose they are eliminated from the competition.  In a competition of say 64 teams, 32 schools would progress to round 2 and 16 to round 3 and so on.  The knockout competitions are spread out across terms and dates to be played are agreed between the SAPSASA coordinators of both schools and games are played in school hours.  The time between playing in one round to the next could be anywhere from a couple of days up to 6 weeks.  Many things in each schools calendar affect timing, as do cut off dates for next rounds and player availability.

 Knockout Sports: 

 Term 1 & 4 

·        Cricket – boys.  

 Term 2 & 3 

·        Football (Soccer) - boys/girls 

·        Hockey - boys/girls

·        Australian Rules Football – boys 

·        Netball – girls.  

 Term 4 

·        Softball – girls

·        Tennis – boys/girls

 Carnival competitions 

 Carnivals are a whole day event and are a round robin tournament for Basketball and individual events for cross country, swimming and athletics.  If your child makes a district team for a particular event, the district team competes in a state carnival all week sometime after the carnival.  All carnivals whether for school or district are played in school hours. 

 Carnival Sports: 

·        Swimming

·        Athletics

·        Cross Country

·        Basketball 

 Selection - Knockout & Carnival teams 

 Equal participation once selected is not guaranteed although preferred where possible. Selection will be based on ability (as stated in the SAPSASA guidelines booklet) with priority going to Year 7’s ahead of Year 6’s.

 It should be noted that Year 6 students could and should be selected before Year 7 students if in the opinion of the Coach /selectors they have more ability.

 Sports that students can trial for are categorised into three groups: Major Participation Sports, Minor Participation Sports and Age Specified Sports.

  •      Major Participation Sports: Girls Netball, Boys AFL, Boys Cricket and Boys Football (Soccer).

·     Minor Participation Sports: Girls Football (Soccer), Girls Softball, Boys & Girls Hockey and Boys & Girls Tennis.

·     Age Specified Sports: Boys & Girls Basketball, Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country.

 Team sport selection will be limited to children in their 11th year or older. The Year 5’s that meet the age criteria cannot trial for Major Participation Sports unless there are insufficient numbers to make up a team from Year 6 and 7 students. However, Year 5’s may trial for the Minor Participation Sports listed above as well as Basketball.

 Year 4 -7 students (born between 2006 and 2003) can trial for athletics, swimming and cross country.   Students in Year 3 who are also born in 2006 can try out for these 3 events.  Students born in 2007, including those in Year 4 will have to wait until 2017 before they can start participating in SAPSASA events. 

·                Students must demonstrate the ability to follow rules, be organised and adhere to the Sporting Codes of Conduct. Student behaviour should reflect school values. (Failure to do so will lead to non-selection).

·                Students should attend all scheduled training sessions where possible, leading up to a game / carnival.

 Selection of school SAPSASA coaches (parent or staff or both) 

 The SAPSASA Coordinator will approach previous SAPSASA coaches to see if they wish to continue, then the coordinator will ask parents / staff who have shown an interest to be nominated.  If the coordinator is still unable to find a coach, then the position will be advertised on this website or in a school newsletter.  Parents interested in coaching a SAPSASA team can also let the SAPSASA Coordinator know of their desire to coach.  


District SAPSASA is an extension of School SAPSASA and is not run by the School.  The School nominates students to attend trials for District selection and generally 4 students per sport are nominated to attend these trials.  Sometimes more than 4 students can be nominated if the relevant district coach is agreeable to having more Burnside students sent out.

All the Knockout and Carnival sports listed have SAPSASA district team representation and so your child has an opportunity to represent the Adelaide South East District in a week long state carnival.  In most instances, school SAPSASA knockout and carnival team trials are held ahead of district trials and from the school trials a select group of students are nominated to trial at the district level.  Nominations are made by the SAPSASA Coordinator and staff/parent coaches of a particular SAPSASA team.  Some district trials occur before we can select a school team, i.e. district softball is in Term1 but the school knockout carnival is not until Term 4.  In instances where this occurs the SAPSASA Coordinator will discuss with relevant school coaches and staff to ascertain which students should be nominated to trial at a district level.  District trial dates are only provided to the SAPSASA Coordinator from the Adelaide South East District Convenor a couple of weeks before each trial. 

 District Selection 

Is by trial and can be dependent on a child’s Year level of school or the child’s DOB depending on the sport.  Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country are dependent on DOB and are always the oldest four year of Primary; i.e. Year 4-7, however if a child in Year 3 is born the same year as the standard year for students in Year 4, then that child can trial .

 Basketball is only for Students in Year 6/7 regardless of their DOB.

Australian Rules Football, Cricket, Football (Soccer), Hockey, Netball, Softball & Tennis are for students in Year 6/7 regardless of their DOB.  Occasionally students in Year 5 may be asked to trial if a district is short of Year 6/7 trialists.  Sometimes country districts cannot get enough students to make a team and so they will approach the Adelaide South East District Convenor (Alice Lange) to ask for other Year 6/7 students and occasionally Year 5’s.


U12 State teams are selected to compete at the nationals for students born in 2004 or 2005.  These are held for the Year 6 age group because most interstate school systems finish Primary School at the end of Year 6.  There are a couple of exceptions such as girls’ cricket whereby the student can be 2003 born (Year 7).   Students do not have to represent a school or district SAPSASA team to make a State SAPSASA team, however the student needs to play for a club at a high level for their particular sport(s) to have realistic chance of being selected and they must attend all trials.  Dates for trials are yet TBA and the SAPSASA website will show them when they are released.  For more information on this and other SAPSASA information go to  Otherwise check with the School SAPSASA Coordinator or this website for updates.


   National selection occurs at national carnivals involving State and Territory teams, however unlike SAPSASA, the team is chosen by School Sport Australia (SSA).

  1. COSTS

School selection has varying costs for each school team and varies anywhere from $10 - $20 depending on whether a bus is required or not.

District selection expenses range between $80 - $150.  Selection means that your child will be out of school for a whole week (in most instances) at a venue somewhere in Adelaide.  District selection for cross country, athletics and swimming only requires one day out of school time.  Whether a week or a day district carnival, it is the child’s parent responsibility to get their child to and from the event.  Burnside staff do not attend district events unless they are a district coach.

State selection expenses are usually in the order of $1500 for air fares, uniforms etc.  These generally run for a week and sometimes occur during school holidays.  Children who are selected for state SAPSASA teams are awarded $100 subsidies by Burnside Primary School.  Some councils also offer subsidies, usually in the vicinity of $100.


All vehicles carrying children to and from sporting events in school hours must be covered with an appropriate comprehensive insurance policy.

Only suitably qualified people should be permitted to drive. This excludes those with L or P plates.

All vehicles being used must have seatbelts with the driver ensuring that they are worn.

Consent forms must be signed / entered online a by parent / guardian prior to the competition.

When numbers are large a bus will be booked and parents charged.

(KEY:Green = Interstate      Red/Bold = Intrastate District Entry      Red = Intrastate School Entry      Blue = School SAPSASA. 

For other details visit the or contact SAPSASA, the District Convenor Alice Lange or Derek Ince. 


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